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Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Logo is a film about one man's journey from the top of the world to the end of the line. Jeff helped make climbing what it is today, through technical innovation and more than a thousand first ascents, including "Metanoia" on the north face of the Eiger, where he experienced a spiritual transformation. Jeff's story inspires us all, as he brings the creativity and strength that characterized his climbing career to his final challenge: his own mortality. Jeff crossed over into the great unknown peacefully, while outdoors with family on August 24, 2018. 
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Who is Jeff Lowe?

Starting out as one of the world's youngest mountaineers, Jeff Lowe has amassed a lifetime of impressive alpine accomplishments and contributions to the greater climbing community.

Then he faced a different challenge,
of life in a wheelchair.

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Jon Krakauer narrates this amazing story of love, survival, a pathological optimist, his indomitable spirit
and a wheelchair.

"He managed to do the utterly impossible…"- Daniel Anker

Help Fund Metanoia

For inquiries about the film contact JeffLowesMetanoia@gmail.com or call 208.630.4477.

Constance Self is controlling owner of the film per multiple agreements, the most recent signed by Jeff Lowe, Sonja Lowe and Constance Self on May 18, 2018.