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Sports Illustrated Cover Story May 11, 2014

Legendary mountain climber Jeff Lowe slowly dying of ALS-type disease

Jeff Lowe makes the Front Page of the Denver Post on May 11, 2014. A thoughtful article about Jeff's amazing approach to life from Mountain top to Wheelchair and into the great unknown... by John Mayer

Sports Illustrated Cover Story December 11, 1978

Daring Young Man On A Tower Of Ice

Its violence stilled by the grip of winter, Bridalveil loomed high above 28-year-old Jeff Lowe, beckoning him upward in the first solo assault on this ice fall of terrifying grandeur... By William Oscar Johnson

Outdoor Magazine Cover February 11, 1980

High Ice Is Jeff Lowe's Home—He Tries to Forget That What Goes Up Could Come Down

"Fear is what keeps an ice climber alive," says Jeff Lowe. "It prevents you from doing foolish things." Still, Lowe risks his life virtually every time he sets boot on a mountainside."... By Frank W. Martin

Sports Illustarted Cover July 26, 1999

Daring Young Man On A Tower Of Ice

In August 48-year-old Jeff Lowe will attempt to go where no man has gone before. Starting at the base of Mount Meru, a three-summited peak in India, he'll dig his spiked heels into the 22,500-foot granite-and-ice mountain. No one has made it up Shark's Fin, the highest of the three peaks, but Lowe's resume suggests he will.

by Kerry Murray

Jeff first ascent Octopussy January 30, 2004

World's classroom inspires renowned climber Jeff Lowe

"If you want to talk about big lessons, one is that life is short. If you have things you want to do, you better do it now, because tomorrow will come sooner than you think." ... JEFF LOWE, Climber

By Greg Stahl

Rock and Ice Archive Image Rock and Ice / 157

The First Attempt on Latok I North Ridge by Michael Kennedy

20 attempts and 30 years later, the Himalayan Gem Remains Unclimbed

In 1978, the North Ridge of Latok I represented a new era of bold alpine climbing in the Himalaya. Thirty years and 20 attempts later, it remains one of climbing's most elusive goals.
by Michael Kennedy

October 25, 2010

Donini, Lowe, Kennedy, Lowe - Latok 1

Some of our legendary climbers, on a pretty legendary climb. A story of guts and toughness. A survival story of sorts!! Photos of their reunion 30 years later in the mountains of Utah by survival

Alpinist Archive Image September 18, 2006


In Alpinist Issue 2 ("A Climber's Life"), Jim Donini describes his 1978 attempt, with Michael Kennedy, Jeff Lowe and George Lowe, on the north ridge of Latok I (7145m) in Pakistan's Karakoram Range. The four men, perhaps the strongest American alpinists of the day, climbed more than 100 pitches on the ridge before Jeff's altitude sickness forced an end to the ascent. The resulting descent/rescue defined the term "epic." More important, in the nearly thirty years that have passed, twenty expeditions, comprising the world's strongest climbers, have thrown themselves at the ridge to finish those last three pitches without success. What has emerged is one simple fact: the 1978 effort may have been one of the strongest climbing attempts in the history of alpinism. Two shots at the ridge in 2006 only reinforced the north ridge's legendary reputation... by Christian Beckwith

Jeff on Eiger February 28, 2011

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia

In the early 90's Lowe's life had become an emotional storm. He sought refuge on the infamous Nordwand, alone, in the winter of 1991. In nine days of climbing he battled monstrous weather, took a near-fatal fall and triumphed over his emotional demons while establishing the new route, Metanoia... by Daniel Starr

Jeff on Eiger August, 2011

A Transformative Climb Comes to the Big Screen

Jeff Lowe took Alpine climbing to a new level of artfulness, now he's got his eye on filmmaking.
By Nick Sanchez

Jeff on Eiger March 29, 2012

Pivot point: Jeff Lowe transforms his climbing experience

Jeff Lowe has been spending some time in Colorado visiting his daughter and granddaughter over the last year. On a recent visit he was interviewed and the following story is the result. Boulder was Jeff's home for over 30 years and he always loves to visit...By Jenn Fields fields@coloradodaily.com

Jeff on Eiger May 6, 2012

The first issue of Men's Journal in 1992 featured Jeff Lowe and his Solo First Ascent on the Eiger - Metanoia 

After sinking to the depths of personal crisis and financial disaster, Jeff Lowe decided he needed to climb the most dangerous rock face in the world.
By David Roberts