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Jeff Lowe was the youngest person to climb the Grand Teton in 1957, at age 7 with his father. Climbing went from fun on the weekends to an extraordinary lifetime career touching every aspect of the climbing world. His first ascents number around 1000. He has written several books and received many awards, including the prestigious Underhill Award and the Honorary Member Award from the American Alpine Club. In 2009 the British Alpine Club also recognized Lowe as an Honorary Member. Jeff has directed or been the subject of many films and educational videos which have also won awards. What Jeff brings to this project is unprecedented in the world of climbing.
Jim Aikman is a filmmaker and photographer from Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in adventure film and promotional video, with a focus on organic story telling and cutting edge imagery. Most recently, Jim Co-Directed "High and Hallowed: Everest 1963" for Eddie Bauer, which is currently touring the world and has won awards such as "Best Climbing Film" at the Boulder Adventure Film Festival.
Greg Lowe, Jeff's brother, started Lowe Alpine Systems in the basement of his parent's house in 1967. His innovations, inspired by his love of rock and ice climbing, changed the face of climbing repeatedly. Early on his love of photography and film took him in that direction as well. Greg's film Fall Line was nominated for an Academy Award in the best short subject category. Greg founded and continues to consult for LowePro camera bags. He is still designing climbing equipment for Omega Pacific and also designs portable lighting systems for Chimera.
Jon Krakauer is an award-winning, New York Times Best Selling author whose books include Eiger Dreams, Into Thin Air, Into the Wild and Where Men Win Glory. He has also written dozens of articles in magazines such as Outside, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Rolling Stone and others. Jon and Jeff have been friends for decades. Jon photo - documented Jeff's solo climb of the Eiger in 1991.
Inspired by Jeff's story and fascinated by the art of storytelling, Connie wears many hats for this film. Connie started in sales and completed her 11-year tenure at Adventure 16 Outdoor and Travel Outfitters as Vice President. Since 1990 she has managed her own businesses, CS Consulting and Training and Peace of Mind Doula Services. Connie worked with Jeff on Clean Walls, the instructional video and has organized and promoted many of his slideshow tours. She brings tremendous creativity, enthusiasm and many professional skills to the project. Connie continues to hike, ski, climb and run rivers.
Chris Ford is the owner and operator of Christopher Productions, LLC in Ogden, Utah. He has been filming and producing video for local and national organizations since 1990. Chris and Jeff Lowe have been friends for many years and together made Jeff's last instructional film, Clean Walls. Chris brought the idea for this film to Jeff, along with the seed funding to kick start it. He brings professional and personal experience with filming, producing and fundraising. Chris is a team player in every way. His hard work, energy and enthusiasm are fundamental to this project.
Chris is a very accomplished independent filmmaker, directing and producing documentary and adventure films since 2003. He works with the top rock, ice and alpine climbers in the world. Alstrin's work deals with a wide range of subjects from first ascent alpine climbs in the Himalayas to the deserts of Africa.
Featuring Our Climbing Team

Catherine Destivelle

Catherine Destivelle is one of history's greatest Alpinists. In France she is considered a national treasure. Catherine was a world champion sport climber in the 1980's. In 1990 she made the transition to Alpinism in Pakistan when she and Jeff Lowe made the second completely free ascent of the Nameless Tower. While in Pakistan, Jeff and Catherine developed a close relationship based on mutually shared ideals of ascent and a lifelong passion for climbing. Later in the 90's she went on to achieve outstanding winter solo ascents of the 3 greatest north faces of the Alps: the Eiger, the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses. Catherine continues to climb hard and is a devoted parent to her 14 year old son, Victor. See more at www.destivelle.com

Josh Wharton

Josh Wharton is one of North America's leading all-around climbers. Just a small sampling of his career highlights include the first ascent of The Flame, and The Azeem Ridge in the Karakoram region of Pakistan, the first free ascent of Fitz Roy's North Pillar, the first ascent of The Message or The Money on Kichatna Spire Alaska, winning the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ouray Mixed Climbing Competitions, and climbing M10, V10, and 5.13 in a week. When he's not off climbing, or on an expedition, Josh makes his home in Estes Park, Colorado with his wife Erinn.

Ueli Steck

World renowned climber Ueli Steck dreamed of making the 2nd ascent of Metanoia after 20 years of no takers. So far weather has impeded his attempts. Ueli is unsurpassed in skill and achievement in the climbing world today. He holds the speed records for the three classic alpine north faces: the Matterhorn, the Grandes Jorasses and the Eiger, adding record ascents in the Himalaya this past winter. The Swiss Machine continues to amaze us all with his exploits. We'll have to wait and see what he does with Metanoia.

Daniel Mader

Daniel Mader has worked with Ueli on several film projects. He has worked on the Eiger as a cameraman for both still photography and movies. He is the owner and director of a Movements, a Public Relations firm in Switzerland and acts as our Swiss Agent, arranging contracts for Swiss helicopters and camera operators. His firm will handle the European promotions of Jeff Lowe's Metanoia. www.Movements.ch