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Metanoia Trailer
The inspirational documentary film about the life and climbs of Legendary Alpinist, Jeff Lowe, narrated by Jon Krakauer. A true story of love, survival, a pathological optimist, his indomitable spirit and a wheelchair.Fantastic footage of the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland where Jeff Lowe made a heroic first ascent in the winter of 1991. Metanoia remains unrepeated after 20 years.
Jeff Lowe's Pack Retrieved
Josh Wharton retrieved Jeff Lowe's backpack from high up on the North Face of the Eiger after 20 years. See the effort and the reunion!
Jeff Lowe Opens his Backpack after 20 years Frozen in Ice
For 20 years Jeff Lowe's Backpack was frozen in the ice on the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland. Lowe was forced to abandon his pack and ropes when time ran out before a 3rd storm would eclipse his safe return from the mountain after his solo first ascent of Metanoia.
Josh Wharton & Daniel Mader Climb
Jeff Lowe directs Cineflex Camera filming from a Helicopter as Josh Wharton and Daniel Mader climb sections of Jeff's 1991 route, Metanoia, on the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland.
Jeff Lowe addresses Bozeman Ice Festival Dec 2011
Warmly welcomed by a standing ovation, Guest of Honor, Jeff Lowe, addressed his tribe with heartfelt and inspiring thoughts and ideals at the Bozeman Ice Festival - Dec 2011.
Ueli Steck and Jeff Lowe Meeting
The meeting between Ueli Steck and Jeff Lowe about Jeff's 1991 climbing route on the Eiger.
Scenes From the Making of...
Josh Wharton and Chris Alstrin caught in the "act" of creating scenes high up on the North Face of the Eiger for the upcoming film, Jeff Lowe's Metanoia. Daniel Mader (camera and rigger) and Lorenz Frutiger, Swiss Guide, join the fun.
Chasing Dragons
Chasing Dragons is a student film by Helena Long about the Eiger and Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Route.
"Eiger. Tragedy & Triumph".
Switzerland. The North Face of the Eiger Mountain is conquered, but not without casualties. American climber, John Harlin, fell to his death while climbing the notorious mountain. American Layton Kor was climbing with Harlin and tragically, was the first to reach Harlin at the base of the mountain. After the fall, Dougal Haston, a Scottish climber, joined the German team that reached the summit, including Roland Votteler, Siegfried Hupfauer, and Jorg Lehne. 1966 BBC News Reel. Source www.britishpathe.com. "Eiger. Tragedy & Triumph".